UE4 First Person Shooter Tutorial using UE4.14

When starting with Unreal Engine 4 you’ll definitely want to go through the C++ First Person Shooter Tutorial. I did that using UE4. 4.13 and 4.14 (the tutorial is made for 4.11) and had some issues: In the section 2.1 – Making a New Character you create a Pawn class and set it to be the default Pawn in the Project Settings After this I could still fly around the scene using WASD even though this isn’t implemented in the Pawn at this point. Also the message We are using FPSCharacter wasn’t shown.

To fix this I found out that you have to change the default Pawn Class of the ProjectGameMode:

1. Open the BP_FPSProjectGameMode in the Content Browser:



2. Set the BP_FPSCharacter as the default Pawn Class of the Game Mode:


From now on you should see the red message We are using FPSCharacter after hitting Atl+P to run the game.