flyingshapes since 12.2016 flyingshapes-vr-designer

Software developer and co-founder of a professional VR-design software for product designers.

  • implementation in C# using SteamVR and Unity


Circonus_Logo_whiteCirconus Inc. (USA) 2015-2017

Design and implementation of a highly distributed online analysis tool for monitoring data of large scale computer centers with automatic fault detection and capacity planning features.


mg.softech since 2015

Training, consulting and software development


completionCompletionary 2014

Open source implementation of an autocompletion as a service:

metalcon 2007-2015

Development and administration of a social Network with over 12000 registered users.

  • first version using PHP, MySQL, Memcached
  • ongoing redesign using Java, C++, Spring, MongoDB, LevelDB, Neo4J, Elasticsearch
  • tools: github, SVN, Maven, Munin



NA62 @ CERN 2011-2015

Design and implementation of a high performance real-time data analysis system processing about 300 Gb/s raw data.

  • software development in C++11 with TBB and ØMQ
  • usage of low-level network driver pf_ring DNA by ntop
  • own implementation of the UDP/IP/ethernet stack
  • versioning with git flow
  • tools: Eclipse, ZeroMQ, TBB, Boost, Icinga (Nagios), github


Linux Admin 2009-2015uni-logo

Linux administrator for a CERN particle physics group at the University of Mainz, Germany.

  • requirements analysis, installation and administration of the grid cluster MaiGrid and supercomputer Mogon
  • installation and administration of the development environments for the group members: git, svn, cvs, boot-, web- and backup servers
  • tools: gitlab, ROOT, Ganglia, Cacti, Icinga