about me

I’m a German physicist offering trainings, consulting and software development in various fields of the IT sector like Data Science, Scalable Web Architectures and Network Programming. I have a high degree of expertise in designing and implementing complex multi threaded (web) architectures and high performance networking frameworks in mainly Solaris and Linux but also Windows. Below you will find a list of tools and technologies I’ve been using during the past projects. On the projects page you can find more details about the main topics I’ve been working on and if you’re interested in my service please visit the contact page.


My expertise

  • programming languages: C/C++11, C#, Lua, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Bash, VHDL, CUDA, LaTeX
  • multithreading: TBB, std::thread, pthread, OpenMP, TCMalloc
  • network programming: Kafka, RabbitMQ, FQ, ZeroMQ, Thrift, protobuf, pf_ring, DNA/ZC, Boost::Asio, I/O Completion Ports
  • databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, LevelDB, Neo4J, Memcached, Elasticsearch
  • web technologies: libmtev, Swing, Ruby on Rails, GWT, Smarty, jQuery/Ajax, WordPress
  • linux administration/DevOps: Redhat, Debian, Arch, OmniOS (Solaris), Ansible, NFS, Circonus, Ganglia, Munin and Icinga, Solaris zones and Linux containers, Docker, virtualization with KVM and VirtualBox
  • software development: test-driven development, Git(flow), Maven
  • debugging and profiling: GDB, VTune, Valgrind, perf, gperftools, flame graphs